Makeup Classes

Learn How to Apply Gorgeous Makeup Yourself…

I have created purpose designed Makeup Classes because I have realised there was a lack of education around how to BEST use your product. You can walk into any shop and buy makeup, but you aren’t taught you how to use the product or how to use makeup brushes to their full potential.

I will individually match your foundation to your skin colour, whilst teaching you tricks and techniques that you can use in your everyday makeup. My aim is for you to feel confident in your ability to apply makeup and gain the knowledge to use every brush in the Jessie E Makeup Brush set.

We will run through every product in the Runway Room cosmetics range. I will also show you a selection of my favourite makeup products from different brands. The Jessie E Makeup Classes can cater for those who completely lack confidence in makeup application, to those who want to sharpen their skills. These are fantastic classes, and we recommend them to everyone!

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Jessie E Makeup Classes



  • $70 worth of product to spend
  • Only Small classes or with a friend.
  • Informative and Personalised
  • Hands on training
  • Easy to follow and learn
  • All ages welcome
  • Operating from my Salon or at your own home
  • Make your own small group with your friends and family or just jump into a ready-made group.

What Our Clients Say…

My sister and I were just talking about how amazing the makeup lesson was, thanks so much. You were very encouraging and we both learnt so much to take home with our new products. We will both be recommending your Makeup classes to everyone!!


Menzies Creek, Victoria

I would recommend this Makeup class to anyone and everyone!! The class was so informative, personalised and I have the confidence to pick up a makeup brush and use it correctly now. Thanks Jessie!! 


Pakenham, Victoria

Today was so fantastic jess, I learnt way more than I thought I would. I walked away much more confident now with my new abilities. Also your way of teaching is so easy to understand and follow, you’re a pro!! I will very much be recommending you not that I already didn’t. Thanks again.


Pakenham, Victoria